Dear Josh:
I wanted to write and tell you what an amazing impact your book, “More Than a Carpenter” has had on me and my youth ministry. It is a great resource for high school and college youth pastors and youth leaders. I am a youth leader at my local church and lead a small group. About a year ago we were having a discussion and my freshman boys were asking me a lot of deep spiritual questions that made me realize they were searching for real answers, not just doubting or being argumentative. Questions like, “How do you know that Jesus is really the Son of God and the Messiah”, “Did Jesus really raise from the dead?” and “Of all the world religions, I don’t see how Christianity could be the only way?”
I provided several answers to their questions that evening and various scripture references that I knew, however I also felt inadequate in thoroughly answering them. Having read your book three or four years earlier I realized that you had answered all of these questions and so many more and were also able to back them up with scripture.
I purchased several copies of “More Than a Carpenter” and gave them to the group. Chapters 3, 10 and 12 answered 80% of their questions in a very direct way and I felt that the entire book should be mandatory reading for all of them.
A few months later I bought a box of your books and gave one to each of the youth group’s graduating seniors. I felt that anyone entering college or the work force should solidify their faith in Christ by reading “More Than a Carpenter.” I have recently decided to give a copy to every co-worker in my workplace, because it is also an excellent tool for reaching the lost.

Thank you for writing such a relevant book that should be required reading for all Christians.


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