Note from Josh: Youth Leaving the Church?

The following report projects 35 million youth will leave Christianity by 2050:

> 35 million youths raised in Christian families projected to disaffiliate from Christianity by the year 2050.
> Christianity in America will make up just 59 percent of the country’s population by 2050, compared to 73 percent today.
> Worst-case scenario…as many as 42 million people raised in Christian homes will disaffiliate from Christianity by 2050.
> It is the largest and fastest numerical shift in religious affiliation in the history of this country.
> 35 million youth raised in families that call themselves Christians will say that they are not by 2050.
(Samuel Smith, “Report projects 35 million youth to leave Christianity by 2050; Greg Stier responds”, The Christian Post, September 24, 2019)

While the results of this survey can be disheartening, the facts present unique opportunities for the Church to reimagine youth ministry. Consider it a wake-up call!

As my friend Greg Stier states,

“Youth ministry needs to be re-engineered to be Gospel-advancing and disciple-multiplying. Young people are longing for a cause that matters. So they need to be equipped and youth leaders need to be equipped to equip them. I think we have to have a higher standard for youth ministry than fun, games, pizza and a 10-minute lesson.”

How do you reimagine youth ministry?

Josh D. McDowell
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