Note from Josh: What Are Young People Thinking About?

The following list of topics might assist you in your ministry to young people. As I like to say, “A problem well defined is half-solved.”

The Internet has created a global community of young people who think so much alike. These responses by young people give an insight into their feelings, emotions, and fears.
Until the whole world hears about Jesus,

Josh D. McDowell

When I asked (another Cru ministry) about the potential subjects youth were asking information about, they said:
A. Mental Illness Challenges
• Loneliness
• Handling pressure
• Handling failure
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Mental health
B. Cultural-Racial Issues
• Social justice issues
• Race/ethnicity
• Refugees
• Why do black students get offended when people say ‘all lives matter’
• Immigration as grace
• White supremacy
• White privilege
C. Sexual Orientation Issues
• Same-sex attraction
• LGBTQ/Sexual confusion/sexual identity

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