Note from Josh: Loneliness Solutions

Got the Loneliness Blues?

Some loneliness solutions that might help*:
> “Look up old friends. They probably want to catch up too.” People don’t like to share they are lonely; so make it easy on others and reach out first!
> “Talk to strangers. Even 30 seconds of friendly conversation with a store clerk or cabdriver has a positive impact on mood.” Even a shared smile can enhance your day, and it will likely get passed on.
> “Practice gratitude. Focus on things in your life that make you feel fortunate: your pets, perhaps, or a nice place to live…even a sunny day.” We can always find something to be grateful for.
> “Exercise and get enough sleep. Both contribute to mood regulation and overall health.” The world definitely needs more sleep! There are a lot of over-caffeinated, under-snoozed people walking around!
> “Take a class. Sign up for something you’ve never tried, like dance, art, or meditation. Active learning exercises your brain, and you may make some new friends.” Even online classes offer community and engagement.
> “Volunteer. It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when you’re helping improve the lives of others. Data shows that volunteering gives people purpose, which raises their self-esteem, in turn making them less lonely.”
We have more loneliness solutions on our website:
Hoping this will encourage you!

Josh D. McDowell

(*Jennifer Wolff, “Loneliness Is the Quiet Health Epidemic Impacting Your Heart, Brain, and Longevity,” Prevention, November 25, 2019,

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