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You likely know that I have been teaching on the historical evidence for the Bible and Christ for more than 50 years now. It has been my pleasure to share the Good News.
But did you know, as a pre-law student in college, I actually enjoyed belittling the Christians in my classes? It wasn’t lost on me that most of them were easy targets because they weren’t really sure por qué they believed in God and Jesus. Because they didn’t actually know much about God, Jesus, or the historical facts of their faith.
When a small group of committed Christians on campus challenged me to prove my claims that God, Jesus, and the Bible were fantasy, I agreed. I smugly looked forward to knocking the props from under their sham religion!
…after months of meticulous research, including taking time off from college to study the collections of various libraries in Europe, I found evidence in abundance that the Old and New Testaments are incredibly reliable.
I didn’t want to accept that Christianity could be historically proven. But to stick to my bias, I would have had to admit that I am okay with being intellectually dishonest. I’m not.
Why am I telling you this story? Because I have a tool that will change your life, if you’re like most Christians I’ve met over the years: People who say they believe in God, but who lack knowledge of historical evidence that gives them the firm foundation to confidently share the Good News.
We don’t get very far with skeptics if our go-to response is,“Because the Bible says so,” or “Because I have faith!” 
My tool for you is my bestselling paperback, Más que un Carpintero, which I first published in 1977 to answer questions like:

> Is the Bible reliable?
> Can Jesus be who He says He is? 
> Why does the resurrection matter in my life?

Friend, wouldn’t you like to have the mental, physical, and spiritual strength that comes with gaining rock-solid convictions about God and His proven love for you? Wouldn’t you like to have boldness in sharing this Good News?
Get your copy of Más que un Carpintero today. Or purchase a 6-pack, so you have extras on hand to give out to others. Your sharing it could be the reason someone chooses to follow Christ.

Until the whole world hears about Jesus,

Josh D. McDowell
P.S. I would love to hear from you if you have a story about or have used Más que un Carpintero in a unique way!

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