Note from Josh: Resurrection Power

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As Easter draws near, I am reminded that it is Jesus’ resurrection power that sets every captive free. You. Me. We all need Jesus.

“Of all the world’s religions,” noted philosopher Douglas Grothuis, “Christianity alone purports to be based on the resurrection of its divine founder. No other religion or worldview makes such an audacious and consequential claim.”
Christ’s resurrection is, indeed, a daring claim. But the resurrection is a truthful claim. Scholars continue to substantiate the biblical account of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Having done so much research of my own over the past 50 years, I conocen this to be true: a person really has to close his or her mind to the evidence to not see the truth of Christ.

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Friends, we believe in Christ because of the evidence, not “blind faith.” Jesus IS who He said He is. With His resurrection, we gained EVERYTHING. Happy Easter!

Josh D. McDowell

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