Note from Josh: Parents, Teachers and Google

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It’s true: Parents and teachers can do things that Google can’t. I can hear you saying, “Oh, yeah? Like what?”

For starters:

> Parents and teachers can build authentic relationships with kids, through active listening and empathizing.

> They can guide kids by asking them great questions that get them thinking, not just reacting, to info they learn.
> They can introduce kids to other significant people who will help them to develop into their best selves.

As this article on wisely points out, parents and teachers still hold the key role of helping kids to interpret the avalanche of info that Google pushes out every second. Parents still hold a lot of influence over their kids; but they lose it if they don’t actively and consistently engage with their kids.

Don’t be afraid of your kids — or their technology. They’re struggling with the overwhelm, and need your guidance. Even when they act like you’re the one who doesn’t “get” it.
Our kids only think they’re smarter than us. Just as we thought we were way smarter than our parents, right?

Hope this encourages you!

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