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Father’s Day Matters

Hi, Friends!
This past month I’ve focused on the importance of dads in my messages to you.

Investigaciones claro shows that many of the problems affecting society — violence, sexual promiscuity, abuse, addiction, mental health issues, etc. — can all be traced back to homes in which the father’s presence is absent. This breaks my heart — but it also gives me hope. Why? Because where a problem has been clearly defined, we can identify the solutions.

Are we born great dads? No. We all have to learn these skills — especially if we weren’t parented well. As my dad was the town alcoholic, and the habits I learned from him were NOT habits that I wanted to pass on to my own kids, I had to learn to be a great dad.  I’ve now had about five decades of practice!
I’m going to be honest with you: I don’t consider my ministry to be my greatest accomplishment to date. I truly believe the BEST thing I’ve done is to give my four kids what I didn’t have — a GREAT dad. In breaking the chains of negativity and addiction in my family history, my son, Sean, along with his sisters, got to skip my pain. And they’re now thriving as parents!

Friends, when we give our children the really important things — acceptance, appreciation, affection, availability, accountability, and loving authority — we change this crazy world into a wonderful place we all want to live.
Father’s Day matters because it celebrates that dads realmente matter in the lives of their kids. You matter!

Happy Father’s Day!

Josh D. McDowell
> > > P.S. Want to “up” your Father of the Year skills? Then I challenge you to decide, right now, that you’re going to take action!
You might: Listen to podcasts. Watch my YouTube videos. Take a class. Read articles and books. Our website, Josh.org, has a lot of free articles and videos you can watch. You can also purchase copies of my parenting books, The Father Connection y How to Be a Hero to Your Kids. Both will really help you to grow your parenting knowledge!

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