Note from Josh: Parents Matter!

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Guess what I’ve realized to be true — regardless of the country or culture — that I’ve had the opportunity to minister in? It’s that parents matter!

Research confirms that:

> Children who spend time in positive activities with their fathers have much better academic performance. Good academic performance often dictates the opportunities they’ll receive in life.

> Adolescents with involved parents tend to display fewer behavioral problems. Kids with healthy self-esteem and self-control enjoy happier lives.

> Youth with open lines of communication with their parents are less likely to engage in violent behavior. Kids often act out when they’re not given the opportunity to express what they’re thinking, feeling, and experiencing in life.

> Teens who frequently sit down to dinner with their families are at a lower risk for substance abuse. Loneliness is one of society’s biggest contributors to addiction.

In every corner of the globe, each parent plays a critical role in whether their kids develop physical, mental, and emotional healthiness, and are able to leave home to thrive on their own. Parents matter because kids matter! So let’s parent well. How can we help?

Until the whole world hears about Jesus,

Josh D. McDowell

P.S. This 2-page PDF by contains other parenting tips that will be valuable and helpful to families. Also download this PDF: “Benefits from Families Spending Time Together.

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