Note from Josh: College Freshman and Christian Faith

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Research shows that the first 72 hours on campus often dictates the crowd that a college freshman will choose to befriend. Why is this so important for me to mention?

Because of the current trend of 70 percent of freshmen abandoning their faith due to peer pressure and pushback they receive from skeptics and atheist professors and students.  
That’s why the nonprofit group Campus Renewal has launched an initiative called Every Student Sent, which enables college students to access its database highlighting the campus Christian ministries and groups at nearly every college in the country. This, for example, is the listing for the Christian groups at the University of Texas at Austin.
The best part: students get to make friends with other students in their selected group(s) before they even get on campus, ensuring they start strong with a faith community of Christian friends!
Pass this on! Encourage the college-bound students in your life to use the database to connect with new friends in campus Christian groups (IV, Cru, Navigators, or Chi Alpha, etc.).
Community is key to your college freshmen staying strong in Jesus.

Until the whole world hears about Jesus,

Josh D. McDowell

New online platform looks to reverse 70% faith drop off for college freshman

“’It used to be that 30 percent of students would come back to their church by the time they were age 30,’ the strategic partnership director said. ‘But now because culture is becoming less Christian, these students are not coming back to church as much anymore.’”
(Ryan Foley, “New online platform looks to reverse 70% faith drop off for college freshman”, Christian Post, August 6, 2020,

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