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What pops into your mind when you read the term “Gen Z”? Do you have a clear picture of these individuals (also known as “iGen”), including their general beliefs about morality, truth, God, and technology? It’s important to get to know Gen Z.

Take this quick True/False quiz:

  • T/F: Gen Z is roughly between the ages of 6 and 24.
  • T/F: Gen Z is the first generation to be all digital. Google is their “BFF.”
  • T/F: Gen Z sees truth as subjective, fluid, and dependent on circumstance.
  • T/F: Gen Z admits to feeling panicked if separated from their smartphones.
  • T/F: Gen Z realmente care about their online popularity and influence.
  • T/F: Gen Z is super lonely, despite their online connection 24/7. Many feel so depressed that they consider suicide.

Guess what? Every answer is true, though I wish some weren’t. It breaks my heart that some of these youth are hurting so much that they want to end their lives. 

One HUGE reason they’re so lonely and depressed? They don’t know how much God loves them — and they’re missing committed Christ-followers speaking love and truth and encouragement into their lives.

These 3 facts should motivate us to take action:

> Society has influenced Gen Z to view the Church as judgmental, hypocritical, and exclusive.
> Many Gen Z view Jesus as an “option,” rather than their Savior.
> 50 percent of Gen Z youth raised in Christian households will give up Christianity when they leave home because they don’t personally know Jesus or the historical facts about Christianity that would strengthen their faith.

Clearly, those of us who know the life-changing amor of Jesus need to “up our game” in telling this generation how He steps into our loneliness, shame, and feelings of worthlessness. He gives us hope, confidence, and purpose! We matter to Him. There’s nothing that can separate us from His love. This generation needs to hear and see His love from us.

Friend, how can God use YOU to reach even just one young person in this demographic? Get to know Gen Z issues, so that your heart is open and useable by God.

Wherever you are, however you can, can I encourage you to pray about how you might share His love? God tells us that we will see fruit if we share His Good News with love, humility, and grace. Until the whole world hears about Jesus! 

Josh D. McDowell
P.S. Get my Gen Z facts aquí!

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