Note from Josh: Gen Z, Sexuality, and Gender

Gen Z has been raised in a world that promotes sexual freedom without consequence. The truth is just the opposite.

But we can help guide Gen Z to:

> Compare media messaging with their real-life experiences and those of their peers. It’s not all fun and games, is it?
> Get clear on the personal safety and control they give up when they sext.

> Embrace what God says about them, including their worth having nothing to do with their sex appeal or variety of sexual partners.
> Connect with organizations and churches offering them love, acceptance, and healing.

Society doesn’t care about the welfare of our youth. Let’s point this generation to God, who does!

Josh D. McDowell

Nuestra Movimiento de Resolución! (contenido en inglés) helps youth to break the chains of addiction and shame. These other organizations are also great resources. Find more helpful Gen Z information aquí.

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