Note from Josh: Ways to Bless Single Moms

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Did you know that there are about 2 billion mothers in the world? And that in many households these moms are solo-parenting while holding down one or more jobs?

These numbers show the financial burden many single moms in the U.S. are carrying:
86% of single-parent families in the U.S. are led by moms.

40% of single moms in the U.S. hold low-wage jobs lacking paid leave.
1 in every 3 single moms spends more than 50% of her income on housing.

How can YOU bless single moms this Mother’s Day?

> Ask what she needs. Maybe she needs a babysitter, maybe she needs a ride, or maybe you’d bless her socks off with your gift of a flower bouquet, heartfelt note, and gift card to a nearby grocery or restaurant that she can enjoy with her kids.
> Invite her and her kids to join your family for church and an afternoon BBQ. Offer to pick them up and drive them home, if it would make it easier to get to you.
> Become her friend, and keep on blessing her! Be someone she can truly count on for love, encouragement, and even wisdom (if she asks for your advice).

In His Word God repeatedly tells us to actively look for people that WE can bless, even strangers. YOU could be the answer to a single mom’s prayers!
Let’s love like Jesus!

Josh D. McDowell

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