Straight Talk With Your Kids About Sex

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Welcome! In this post we’ll dive into a subject that makes a lot of parents uncomfortable: talking about sex.

The reality: if we don’t teach our kids about sex, someone else will.

I remember hearing Josh McDowell and his wife, Dottie, make this challenge to parents, and it hit home. My husband, Alex, and I have three kids: two daughters and a son. I’m part of the generation that needs to build a bridge from “never talk about sex at home,” to “make talking about sex a priority.” Because if we don’t teach our own kids about sex, as Josh says, someone else will. Do we really want to remove ourself from being a positive influence?
I remember the first time I really talked with my girls about sex. They were about nine and eleven years old — and I realized I was already playing catch-up. I was a bit nervous at first, but Josh’s book, Straight Talk With Your Kids About Sex, really helped guide the conversation. Surprisingly, it was a lot of fun, and we’ve kept the conversation going. 

As parents, we need to be ready for the right moments, raising our kids to feel confident and secure: free to ask questions, prepared to make good choices, and not based in shame or fear but living in light of God’s truth.

En Straight Talk With Your Kids About Sex, Josh reminds us to:

    • Be age-appropriate with our kids. 
    • Not share too much too soon (although the problem is normally too little too late).
    • Be a listening parent with Godly values.
    • Keep an open conversation going with our children.

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Parents, start the conversation and keep it going! Be ready, in everyday situations and everyday conversations, to help guide and protect your kids.

Many thanks to guest blogger Sheryl McLellan.
In our next blog post, let’s look further at God’s purpose for sex. 
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