Note from Josh: “Where’s My Phone?”

An alarming fact: nearly 90 percent of current college students suffer from nomophobia — the fear of being without their phones. 90 percent! That’s 9 out of 10 students.

This addiction to their phone has huge consequences: it’s affecting their waking hours, eroding their sleep, and creating huge levels of anxiety that is eroding their health and peace. Cell phone use needs to change!

Researchers say that “nomophobia” — one’s fear of being out of smartphone contact — is rampant among college students. Preliminary findings indicate that 89 percent of college students experience moderate to severe nomophobia.

Check out further disturbing statistics in the article link below.

God doesn’t want us living stressed out by our technology!

Josh D. McDowell

“A new phobia is sweeping college campuses across the nation, according to a new study just released by the American Academy of Medicine. Researchers conclude that ‘nomophobia,’ of the fear of being out of smartphone contact, is ‘extremely common’ among college students. Moreover, this modern-day fear is linked with poor sleep habits.
‘We found that college students who experience more ‘nomophobia’ were also more likely to experience sleepiness and poorer sleep hygiene such as long naps and inconsistent bed and wake times.’ says lead author Jennifer Peszka, PhD, professor of psychology at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas, in a release. As far as ways to get better sleep, the study’s authors suggest that college students avoid using tech devices right before bedtime.”
(John Anderer, “Nomophobia: 9 in 10 College Students Battle Fear of Being Without Smartphone,” Study Finds, August 31, 2020,

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