Administrative Assistant to the Founder – California

Location: Dana Point, CA


Primary Responsibilities

  • To serve Josh and his administrative team in the communication of the message which God has entrusted to Josh by carrying out a wide variety of administrative tasks and assignments which will allow Josh and the team to be as effective as possible. Be available anytime to assist Josh with what he needs accomplished.
  • Interact with the Josh and respond to messages as he directs.
  • Serve as liaison between Josh and JMM Office—as well as others Josh interacts with on a regular basis.
  • Be able to assist Josh in set up of iPhone and iPad and their function as needed.
  • Run errands for Josh especially to pick up printing and pick up and drop off packages
  • Help Josh with his work files.
  • Help with shipping artifacts when needed. Taking care to document (pictures where possible) what artifacts are in which box associated with each FedEx label.
  • Keep Josh’s home printer functioning and stocked with paper and ink.
  • Organize and maintain Josh’s filing system both electronic and physical files.