Overcome your struggles.
Fulfill your deepest longings.
Your whole life awaits you.

Anxiety. Hurt. Doubt. Guilt. Shame.

Many people today are experiencing devastating levels of loneliness, anxiety, depression, porn use and shame. So many are struggling and do not know how to get free, let alone live a flourishing life.

Your struggles are not random.

They are signals that, when answered, can lead you toward a thriving life.

You may be living with unresolved hurts and constant shame, often struggling with how you see God. But God has so much more for you, and he wants you to experience healing and wholeness.

Josh and Ben can relate.

Despite a thriving worldwide ministry, Josh struggled for years to overcome the relational and emotional hurts he experienced during childhood. Then the unresolved pain of sexual abuse, an alcoholic father and a dysfunctional family caught up to him.

Growing up, Ben also experienced deep pain, trauma, and confusion. He faced bullying, mental health struggles, an addiction to porn and suicidal thoughts before embarking on a journey to discovering real solutions Christ used to set him free.


In their new book, Free to Thrive, Josh and Ben invite you on a journey of healing they themselves have experienced. They will teach you how to overcome unwanted behaviors by engaging your unmet longings and defeat anxiety once and for all. You will also discover a restored view of God that will help you overcome shame and self-doubt.

No matter what you are struggling with, you can experience a spiritual, emotional, and relational breakthrough to live the thriving life you were made for.

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Praise for Free to Thrive

“Our prayer is God will use this book to give you the tools you need to finally heal, to overcome the things you’ve tried to stop doing – and not just be free, but to be free to thrive.”
–Ben & Josh