Abigail and Will: Theft Impossible

Mrs. Clark’s 7th Grade Bible Class Discusses:

Hide ‘n Seek?

The Stolen Body Myth

“You know, Jesus really didn’t really rise from the dead. People just stole his body and claimed he rose from the dead.” This is what many people believe, but it was impossible to steal Jesus’ body.

First, there was a group of Roman guards at the tomb to make sure no one would steal the body. Also, there was not a chance the guards fell asleep because you could be punished by death if you fell asleep on duty.

The tomb would have made a loud sound opening, waking the guards, and one man could not open it by himself.
After Jesus rose, the cloths that were on him were in the shape of his body and the head wrappings were folded neatly at the end of the bed. There were many eyewitnesses who saw Jesus after he rose.

And lastly, why would the disciples die for something they knew was a lie? I mean, would you die or be tortured for something you knew was a lie?

This is why it was not possible for anyone to steal Jesus’ body.

Abigail, age 13


Everyone knows Jesus’ body was missing, but they aren’t going to give up and believe He actually rose from the dead. Now they say that it was stolen, or so they believe.
The Disciples were the first to be blamed, but they weren’t the ones who supposedly “fell asleep” on the job. Supposedly, the guards did.

First of all, the guards would have been in trouble, if not executed.

We know that because they took positions awake and asleep, and the disciples would have had to go through a row of sleeping men with deadly weapons (not to mention all the training the guards had).
Even if the disciples could make it through somehow, they would have been right in front of the awake guards, who would have seen them coming.

What most people don’t know is that the [Roman] guards didn’t say the truth [about Jesus’ resurrection]; they said this because they were bribed.

People will do anything for money.

Will, age 13


“Those who entertain the Stolen Body Myth suppose that a group of disciples, who days before had run like scared bunny rabbits, confronted a guard of heavily armed, battle-trained Roman soldiers.”

(Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door, p. 78)


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