How Should I Respond When Someone Compliments Me?

Often we go to two extremes, both as a result of pride.

One extreme is false humility. We deny any positive quality or accomplishment by saying things like, “No, no, no. I’m just a worm.” That makes people sick. Everyone knows you are really saying, “Keep trying to convince me. I’m loving it.”
The other extreme is to agree with them to the point of bragging. You know the type. You compliment such people on one thing and they remind you of twenty other things they did well. Yuck.
When you receive a compliment, first see if it is deserved. If it isn’t, pass the credit on to someone else.  Tweet If it is deserved, then simply say, “Thank you.” There is nothing at all wrong with accepting a compliment.
Once you receive it, however, pass the praise on to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Source of your gifts, abilities, looks, talents and personality. If you hold on to the compliments instead of giving praise to Jesus, you may forget that Christ is Your source and may believe that you are the source. Pride soon develops and can cause terrible consequences.
Check out 2 Chronicles 26:3-5, 8, 15-16, and 20-21 for details on what happened to one man who became proud by refusing to pass on praise to the Lord.
Taken from The Teenage Q&A Book, pg. 162     |     Watch FREE “Building Your Self Images” by Josh here.

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