Josh’s message was a ‘wake up call!’

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After Josh’s talk to parents [about the impact of Internet pornography], a lot of parents started to come to our family meetings and told us that Josh’s message was a ‘wake up call’ for them. The dads started to meet with their sons and daughters to discuss about their temptations and their sexuality. Most of them were shocked about what their children were thinking [and exposed to] but thankful to Josh that he helped them to start the discussion.
A lot of Christian leaders there were ‘awakened to reality’ that the teenagers and youth from churches are involved in pornography and sexual things in the same way as non-christians.
I am convinced that Josh’s messages and [your ministry’s] books change a lot of lives in Romania.
~ Leader in Romania

List of Romanian Resources

The following information lists Josh McDowell Ministry resources that have been translated into Romanian.
To order a copy, please contact the publisher directly through the link provided, else contáctanos.

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Romanian - More Than a Carpenter2Book(s) Published:

  • 10 Commitments for Dads
  • Bare Facts
  • Children Demand a Verdict
  • Da Vinci Code: A Quest for Answers, The
  • Disconnected Generation, The
  • Evidence for Resurrection
  • Father Connection, The
  • Givers, Takers, and Other Kinds of Lovers
  • In Search of Certainty
  • Love is Always Right
  • Más que un Carpintero
  • New More Than a Carpenter
  • Relational Word, The
  • Undaunted (Book)
  • Undaunted (DVD)
  • Unlocking the Secrets of Being Loved, Accepted & Secure
  • Witness, The


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