Karlene, Lizzie and Karissa: Blind Man’s Bluff

Mrs. Clark’s 7th Grade Bible Class Discusses:

Blind Man’s Bluff

The Wrong Tomb Myth

The Wrong Tomb Myth states that the empty tomb was not Jesus’, and His body was in His real tomb, which had gotten mixed up with the empty tomb.
This could seem logical, but so many people knew where Jesus’ real tomb was.

For example, Joseph of Arimathea knew for sure which tomb it was — after all, it was going to be his own tomb. After he heard that Jesus had risen, with no doubt he would have gone to check himself.

And he would have arrived at the right tomb, with the stone rolled away, but empty.

There are so many other people who had known where the right tomb was, like Mary Magdalene, the chief priest, Nicodemus the Pharisee, and a few other Pharisees, not to mention the guards.

The two women who went to visit Jesus had seen Jesus’ burial, so they would have known where it was located.

And, if that was the wrong tomb, why was there an angel standing in the middle of it?

Because it was the right tomb and it was empty, which only meant one thing — Jesus really had risen from the dead.

Karlene, age 13

The Wrong Tomb Myth is about Jesus not being in the correct tomb. However, this myth is clearly false, and we have evidence to prove it!
First of all, there were many, many people who would have for sure known the correct location of the tomb. This includes: Joseph of Arithmea, Nicodemus, both Marys, priests, Pharisees, Pilate, Angels, and the Guards.

This even by itself shows how many people witnessed and were confident that this was in fact the correct tomb without a doubt!

Matthew, Mark, and Luke all mention in the Bible that the women did in fact see Jesus’ tomb. This gives proof that Jesus was for sure dead because they witnessed that and that they witnessed it in his actual tomb!
Although there will always be people rebelling against the accuracy of God’s word, I am without a doubt confident that there will always be something to prove that God’s word is completely true no matter how much the devil tries to confuse us.

It’s continues to amaze me how accurate the Bible and that it is completely impossible for someone to question it without them altering the truth to prove their point!

This is just one out of the uncountable reasons that our God is supernatural and knows what Satan will try to do, but that doesn’t stop him! If we take the time to read his word, we will have no doubt of the truth whatsoever.

Lizzie, age 13

In “The Wrong Tomb Myth,” the book proves that it was not possible that Mary and the other women went to the wrong tomb. The book proves this myth wrong by giving evidence that supports that it was impossible that the women went to the wrong tomb.

The book, Don’t Check Your Brains At The Door, says that they could not have gone to the wrong tomb because out of the three or four women there at least one of them would have known that it was wrong.

Another piece of evidence proves that they went to the right tomb is in the bible.
In the bible in Matthew 28:6 an angel appears to the women and tells them that Jesus has risen from the tomb. Angels would not appear next to the wrong tomb and tell a lie.
Another piece of evidence that proves that the women went to the right tomb is also in the bible. In Matthew 27:65-66 it proves that the women were at the right tomb because the guards were told to make sure the tomb was secure until the third day, so the guards would not be at the wrong tomb either.

With so many people and angels knowing where [Jesus’] tomb was it would be impossible for it to be the wrong tomb.

Karissa, age 13


“How many tombs in Jerusalem do you think [had] the remnants of a broken Roman seal?”

(Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door, p. 72)


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