Lizzie and Wyatt: 39 Lashes and a Spear

Mrs. Clark’s 7th Grade Bible Class Discusses:

Playing Dead

The Swoon Myth

The Swoon Theory is about Jesus possibly not fully dying and just playing dead during his crucifixion. However, we can with confidence state that this theory is false!

First of all, we know that the centurion, whose job it was to make sure people are dead, declared Jesus dead. He did this every single day so I would imagine he knows what he’s doing.

The crowds also returned home when He died, and we know that if He hadn’t died they would not have left because all they wanted was for Him to die.
We also know that there were at least four eyewitnesses that saw all of this and that gives us even more evidence that Jesus truly did die, and rose again on the third day!

Even if He had never died, without the angels, He couldn’t have moved the stone, or put the guards to sleep.

Jesus was given 39 lashes, because 40 would kill a man, and without a miraculous work, He couldn’t have recovered from that enough to be walking around in 3 days.

This is the truth and we know that Jesus was fully dead and miraculously resurrected to free us of our sins!

Lizzie, age 13



We believe that Jesus died on the cross for us.
Dr. Hugh J. Schonfield, however, said that Jesus really did not die on the cross; that He really faked it by getting drugged and that He had survived all those injuries.

The Roman soldier stabbed Jesus in the side and yet He could survive that and not die? I think not.

Also if Jesus had not died then we would not go to heaven and would still have our sins.
In John 19, it says that when the Roman soldiers got to Jesus, they saw He was already dead so they didn’t break Jesus’ legs but they pierced Him through His side into the heart instead. If that would not kill Jesus nothing would. That is how we know Jesus was dead.

In this small summary I hope you understand that Jesus was real and He really died for us and for our sins so we can go happily to heaven.

Wyatt, age 12


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